Vichy Aqualia Thermal Levres Lip Balm

Hello Everybody!!

Today,I am going to review Vichy Aqualia Thermal Levres Lip Balm.

Price : 490/- for 4.7ml

Company Claims:

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Lip Balm a refreshing and soothing balm to moisten and nourish your lipsThe protective formula helps to counter dryness.Lips feel nourished, comfortable, look bright and feel soothed.

My Experience:

Vichy is a famous brand, famous for its superlative degree of services for improving skin. Well,I bought this lip balm 2 months back  from an online drugstore. I was quite excited to open it and use it!! As I opened it,I was welcomed by a mild floral fragrance from the lip balm. It looks white in color, but when applied it gives a transparent color to the lips. As soon as I applied it on my lips,the very instant my lips got a soothing feeling and they were hydrated instantly. It was a heavenly experience!

I use it everyday, almost all the time,whenever my lips get dry I just put this on and from the very moment my lips get hydrated and it imparts a healthy,glossy shine to my lips. Apart from that I also love the mild floral fragrance, which lingers on for few minutes post application. Since my lips are not chapped or parched, so I didn’t notice the repairing effect on my lips. But I definitely think it would repair the chapped lips, as all the previous claims were true I hope this claim also works out well on lips. It comes in large quantity,so this lasts easily for about 4-5 months.

The product is swatched here:

Pros Of the Product:

  1. It is a colorless lip balm,which you can apply it on bare lips as well as under your lipsticks(which makes your lips dry).
  2. It gives a lustrous, glossy and healthy look to the lips when applied alone and it adds a glossy shine when topped above a lipstick.
  3. It does soothe and hydrate the lips.
  4. It has got mild floral fragrance to it, which lingers on for few mins.
  5. It repairs chapped and parched lips.
  6. For the quantity, it easily lasts about 4-5 months even when applied daily.

Cons Of the Product:

  1. Its quite pricey when compared to other lip balms, but for the job it does its worth it!
  2. Not easily available, though you can buy  it online from various online stores.

Final Review: Vichy Aqualia Thermal Levres lip balm is a very good lip balm for it does soothe and hydrate the lips which look healthy and beautiful from the very instant you apply it. Though its a bit pricey, but its worth trying! I would recommend this to everyone!

Rating: 4.5/5 (-0.5 for the price)


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