I got Featured on Beauty brains and Brawns!!

Another Sunday, another feature, time to zoom on to another new blog in the beauty blogospehere. Today I would like to share this space with the beautiful and talented blogger Prachi, behind the Luminousha Beauty Blog.

Let’s get to know what inspired her to become a beauty blogger, 

Hi..I am Prachi! I live in Bangalore. 

I love researching and experimenting beauty products. I always wanted to blog about these beauty products,wanted others to know how effective they can be, if used properly. Here you would find all your queries solved regarding your beauty products. 

My all time inspiration is Miss Ankita Chaturvedi!! She inspired me a lot to write blog,and am really thankful to her for everything…Hope, you enjoy! 

Wish you all the very best with your blog Prachi. Love your detailed reviews. Keep up the good work! 
Guys go and check out her blog and share some love! 

Do you want to get featured on B.B.B too? Then send me your entry.Click here for more details.


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