Avon Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact – C502 Brilliant Brown

Hello Everyone!!

Today I am going to review Avon Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact – C502 Brilliant Brown.

Price : 375/- for 3 gms.

Company Claims :

Avon’s richest, most intense colored lipstick with a sensational jewel-shaped bullet.Super charged shades make lips come alive with new depth,dimension and  – so what you see is richer and more impactful color. Never feathering or bleeding.

Comes in 10 shades.

My Experience :

Avon Ultra Color Rich mega Impact lipstick comes in a black sturdy plastic case and exactly in between it has got a silver band on which “AVON” is engraved, it gives a classic look to the case. On the cap, the manufacturing date and expiry date is clearly mentioned. Well, the bottom of the lipstick has got a brown colored sticker stating the name and number of the color of the lipstick.

On removing the cap, we can see the shape of the lipstick inside is somewhat triangular at the top. the color of the lipstick is deep brown and has got tiny shimmer particles in it which are clearly visible from the lipstick itself. On application of first stroke, my lips obtained a light brown stain with shimmer alongwith it. On application of 3-4 swipes, I found that it buils a beautiful golden yet deep brown color on the lips. However, this color is almost like Lakme Enrich Lipcolor Classics – 461 Ginger Red which I had reviewed it HERE . I had always had a craze for the color pink and never bought any lip color except pink but for a change I bought browns especially, Avon’s Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact – Brilliant Brown is a very flattering color.It is well pigmented, giving full coverage to pigmented lips. However, 3-4 swipes build up a beautiful color on your lips.

The lipstick is not so creamy in texture. Those tiny shimmer particles can be felt on lips as they are not so fine. The color payoff is good. Though it made my lips dry after 2 hours of application, the color was still intact. On application of lip balm underneath, its lasting power increases upto 4 hours. At the beginning you will observe that it is brown in color but slowly as time passes by you’d find that it looks quite reddish in color with mild maroon undertones in it. I experimented it twice and twice I found the same results.

However, I am very glad that I bought it.



Pros of the Product :

  1. It is a beautiful shade which would suit everyone.
  2. It stays on comfortably for 2 hours on bare lips and when a lip balm is applied underneath, it stays longer i.e. for 4 hours, easily.
  3. Color payoff is good. One swipe gives a brown stain to the lips whereas 3-4 swipes build up a good color on lips.
  4. It shows well on both pigmented and non-pigmented lips.

Cons of the Product :

  1. It is available only through Avon representatives.
  2. It dries out lips very fast, so you must use a lip balm underneath to prevent it from drying your lips.
  3. It is quite pricey if not picked up during sale.

Final Verdict : Avon Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact – C502 Brilliant Brown  shade is a deep brown shade with very tiny golden shimmer particles in it. The formula is not so creamy and can be drying. To avoid the dryness, you can apply a lip balm underneath and this way it even makes it last for longer duration of time i.e. for 4 hours easily. It builds a very good color when swiped 3-4 times on lips, and one swipe builds a beautiful stain on lips. This particular shade would suit everyone. I would recommend this to everyone!

Rating : 4/5


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