Loreal Sheer Cashmere Foundation

Hello Everybody!!

Today I am going to review Loreal Sheer Cashmere Foundation.

Price : 200/-

Company Claims :

Melting cream texture that transforms easily into a silky powder finish for a soft touch and makes it easy to apply.

My Experience :

I bought this foundation as I wanted to replace Lakme foundation as the shade was a bit duskier and made my face a bit darker than my complexion. Loreal Sheer Cashmere Foundation comes in a jar which of course got replaced by the new and advanced formula in tube form. I bought this in the month of October,2011 and heard that the jars are no longer available in the market.

Well, this comes in a glass, wide-mouthed jar with a golden screw cap over it. The foundation is creamy in texture and sheer by finish. I use my foundation brush from the brand Vega to apply it on my face. I will tell you the method of applying foundation with a brush in my next blog post, with a step-by-step tutorial. Coming to the foundation, I required very less amount of it when I use my foundation brush/stippling brush to apply it on my face. It blends in perfectly and gives a silky appearance to my face. In the photo you can clearly observe that it blended very well with my complexion, giving a luminous glow to my face, which is quite flattering.

However, as it claims it does provide sheer coverage to your face. Girls having acne, blemishes, scars or heavy pigmentation on their face may not find it matching up to their requirements. However, usage of a concealer underneath can solve your problems to an extent. But if you’ve got heavy pigmentation, scars, blemishes then I would not suggest you to buy this, rather go for a medium-heavy coverage foundation.

On application, I observed that it stays intact till 5-6 hours. However, my t-zone gets oily which however, gets in control after dabbing some loose powder on. Since, I don’t have much acne/pigmentation on my skin – the sheer formula goes ok with me. But I also found out that one should be very careful while applying it as just a bit of extra foundation appears to be chalky and cakey. However you can correct it by using a makeup sponge. As we all know that makeup sponges are always there to rescue us from the excessive chalky look that often foundations tend to offer. It is suitable for all types of skin as it blended well and gave the same silky smooth finish on my sister’s face who has got dry skin. Dry skinned beauties would find it as a great product as it gives a silky and shiny appearance to their face, whereas combination and oily skinned beauties would need to dab on some loose powder on their oil- prone areas. It has got no SPF factor in it, which is an added benefit to this product as the foundations having SPF factors tend to give a masky effect in photographs with flashes.

Here is the Vega Buffer Brush i.e. the stippling brush that I had used for applying the foundation:

However, you can also use your fingers & sponge to apply this foundation. But with a stippling brush, you get an air-brush finish and with fingers & sponge you don’t get that good results. There is just a mild difference between the finish of a stippling brush application and sponge and fingers & sponge application so no need to worry if you are not so good with makeup brushes.

Since the jar ones had stopped coming into the market I cannot say the same of the newly invented formula of tube ones.

Pros of the Product :

  1. It does give a silky finish to the face.
  2. It blends very well.
  3. Reasonable price for the quality and quantity that it offers.
  4. Very less amount of the product is required.
  5. It imparts a luminous glow to my face.
  6. Impressive staying power for about 5-6 hours.
  7. It is suitable for all skin types.

Cons of the Product :

  1. The jar ones are no more available in the market.
  2. It gets masky when a bit more of the product is applied.
  3. Since it has got sheer coverage, it doesn’t hide acne, pimples, blemishes or heavy pigmentation. However, usage of concealer solves the problem to a great extent.

Here I had applied it on my face, you can observe how beautifully it blended in my skin!!

Final Verdict : Overall Loreal Sheer Cashmere Foundation is a very good foundation which gives you a silky finish alongwith a luminous glow to your face. It blends well with your foundation brush as well as with fingers & sponge. Priced reasonably very less amount of the product is required for application. It is suitable for all types of skin. However, these particular jar ones are not available in the market anymore and the company has replaced them with a new advanced formula of foundation in a new package i.e. Tube package and I cannot say the same about the tubes as I personally need to review them first. However, if you’re lucky then you can find one for yourself as I bought it in the month of October,2011. I would recommend this to everyone!!

Rating : 4.5/5

Did you find your HG foundation?? If yes, then which one is it?


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