VlCC Daily Protect – Anti Pollution Lotion SPF 15 Orange & Green Tea Extracts

Hello Everyone!!

Today I am going to review VLCC Daily Protect- Anti Pollution SPF15 Orange & Green Tea.

Price :10/- for 8ml

Company Claims :

Enriched with Green Tea, a powerful anti-oxidant which protects skin from damaging effects of pollution & environmental stress and Orange Peel oil, which soothes skin and moisturises naturally.

This lotion fights and defends your skin from pollution all through the day. Complete with SPF 15 it also protects your skin from sun damage. It forms a coat on exposed skin, protecting it against harmful effects of pollution and is best suited for women with active lifestyle.

Directions :

Apply on your face and neck. Wait for a minute before using makeup.

Key Ingredients :

Micronized Titanium Dioxide, Sunscreen Blend, Silicon Blend, Trehalose, Orange Peel Oil, Green Tea Extract and Polyamide.

My Experience :

I bought this product only for review purpose. VLCC is a very good brand with its promising products. However, only few of them live up to their claims and rest don’t meet up their claims.

Coming to VLCC Daily Protect- Anti Pollution SPF15 Orange & Green Teacomes in a sachet, with a screw cap at the opening of the sachet. You can squeeze the required amount on your palm and apply it on your face after following the cleansing and toning routine.

Though the package is not so attractive, the mentioned claims attracted me a lot – like the goodness of Green Tea “which would protect the skin against damaging effects of pollution & environmental stress” and Orange Peel Oil “which would soothe and moisturise the skin naturally”. So, I bought it to check whether it really works on skin or not.

The lotion is white in color and is very light on skin. It absorbs very fast on my skin which impressed me a lot. And then, the fragrance which mainly consists of the fragrance of oranges and even of mild floral scent which made me drool over it. So, beauties who are against the citrus & floral fragrance may not find it very comfortable, but it vanishes away after a minute of application. Since it consists of SPF15 it is advised to apply and wait for few minutes before applying makeup on your face. Every sunscreen/sunblock should be applied on face & neck before 10 minutes of exposure to sun – as it needs time to work on your skin. Never apply your sunscree/sunblock immediately before leaving your home, you must give some time for the product to work on your skin.

Now coming to VLCC Daily Protect- Anti Pollution SPF15 Orange & Green Tea.I applied it regularly only for 2 weeks while going to college and I observed that the moment I apply it on my face & neck, it feels soothing and cool. Its very light and absorbs very quickly giving a dewy finish to my face. I loved the way it worked on my skin. It did protect me for straight 1 and half hours when I was directly exposed to the sun but after 45 minutes only, my t-zone got oily and my face got sweaty so I had to wipe it out and after wiping it doesn’t work at all. After wiping, my skin was burning under sun. and when I applied it while I had minimum exposure to sun – it still made my face oily after 45 minutes of application and when I got exposed to sun after my classes i.e. after 3 hours,  it didn’t work and my face got burning sensation under sun’s rays. In spite of bearing the oily face, I had hoped that it would atleast give my skin some protection against pollution….but to my disappointment it didn’t even work on that! My face got greasy and dull and consequently resulted in making my face dark!! L The claims seem false to me. I am not going to buy it again and I thank god that I bought a very small sachet and didn’t waste my money on a bigger sized bottle.

Pros of the Product :

  1.  It is enriched with Green Tea and Orange Peel oil extracts.
  2.  It is not tested on animals.
  3. It has got SPF 15.
  4. It has got a fresh fragrance of orange and mild floral scent.
  5.  It absorbs very quickly.
  6.  It feels very light on skin.
  7. It is quite easy on pockets i.e. 10/- for 8ml.

Cons of the Product :

  1. It makes my t-zone area oily after 40-45 minutes of application.
  2. I didn’t find any “Anti-pollution” claim true as I found my face greasy and dull when I applied it and got exposed to pollution outside. Normally, my face isn’t so greasy and dull.
  3. The SPF 15 sunscreen factor is very light as it comes off after wiping the face.

Final Verdict : VLCC Daily Protect – Anti Pollution Lotion SPF 15 Orange & Green Tea Lotion is a very light lotion which gets absorbed quickly on your face. It has got fragrance of orange & mild floral scent, which however fades away after a minute of application. It gives a nice dewy look to the face which lasts for 40-45 minutes and after that my face becomes greasy and dull. The claim of “Anti-pollution” seemed false to me as it made my face greasy and dark when I got exposed to pollution outside, generally my face isn’t so greasy and dark. It even gets wiped off easily which is also a major disadvantage. I am not quite happy with this product.

Rating : 2/5


8 thoughts on “VlCC Daily Protect – Anti Pollution Lotion SPF 15 Orange & Green Tea Extracts

  1. I like these tiny packs, I go looking for them too for reviewing, glad it was just 10 bucks, so not too heavy on the pocket there. 🙂 good review, i will stay away

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