Oriflame Powershine Lipstick – Trendy Berry

Hello Everyone!!

Today i am going to review Oriflame Powershine lipstick in Trendy Berry.

Price : 329/- for 1.6gm.

Company Claims : 

Lusciously smooth lipstick formulated to achieve ultimate mirror shine. Metashine pearls drenh lips in sparkling, 3D shine while Rosehip seed oil and Vitamin – E moisturize. Exceptionally creamy formulation for easy application. Enriched with SPF 12.

Silver coated pearls reflect the light like micro – mirrors for a high lustre effect. Rosehip seed oil rich in fatty acids and Vitamin – E helps moisturize and protect lips, naturally. SPF 12 protection – UV filters protect lips from potentially damaging effects of the sun.

My Experience : 

Oriflame Powershine Lipstick comes in a sleek packaging which looks gorgeous as well as sophisticated. The lipstick bullet is in silver color and has got a mirror like finish. On removing the cap, you’d find that the upper part of the bullet is deep raspberry in color and on twisting, the lipstcik comes up. It has got a very mild fruity fragrance, which I love it! And this fragrance spreads on my lips as many times I apply it on my lips. The packaging is sturdy and travel friendly.
The texture of this lipstick is quite moisturising, but is not so creamy. It has got shimmer particles which give a 3D effect to your lips only if you use a lip balm underneath or apply a clear lip gloss over it. When applied alone, it does look good but the 3D effect is not observed. I personally apply a lip balm underneath and I love the 3D effect that it imparts to my lips. I observed that on application of this lipstick under my lip balm/when I top it up with a clear gloss, it makes my lips look plumper and fuller by appearance – which is quite flattering. Whenever I apply it, everyone asks me which lipstick did I apply and which brand is it?? I had been hunting for years for this pink shade and finally I got it!!
The best part about this lipstick is that it doesn’t feather or bleed even if you apply lip balm underneath, a clear gloss over it or you simply apply it alone. And the shimmer particles donot spread outside the applied area. My mom had few shimmer lipsticks and as a kid I observed that those shimmer particles used to spread out of her lip area to which she always used to use tissues to get rid of those shimmer particles. But I am lucky enough to flaunt these shimmery lipstick without bothering about the fear of spread of those particles outside the lip area. However, it tends to dry out the lips after sometime and that is also a reason for applying a lip balm/lip gloss.

The pigmentation of this lipstick is very good! One swipe gives a tinted lip balm type finish which looks beautiful on both pigmented and non-pigmened lips. And for buildable color, you need 2-3 swipes. But the 3D look can be observed only after 2-3 swipes.It stays on intact for about 3-4 hours when you apply a lip balm underneath/gloss on top and when it is applied alone, it stays on for about 2hours only, when the color fades away afer 3-4 hours of wear, it leaves behind the shimmer particles on your lips. But for the price, the amount of 1.6 gm is quite lesser but if you pick up during sales you may find it cheaper.

Here is the swatch of this beautiful lipstick on my lips!! 😀 😀

You can clearly observe the 3D effect that it imparted to my lips!! 😉

Pros of the Product :

  1. It has got a gorgeous packaging – which is sleek, is silver in color and has got a mirror like finish!
  2. It is quite sturdy and travel friendly.
  3. It has got shimmer particles which give a 3D effect to your lips when you apply a lip balm underneath/clear lip gloss over it.
  4. It has got very good pigmentation, 1 swipe gives a tinted lip balm type finish and 2-3 swipes build a beautiful color on your lips.
  5. It has got a mild fruity fragrance which is quite adorable.
  6. The shimmer particles do not spread beyond the lip area.
  7. It has got 15 shades to choose from.
  8. On application it tends to give a pouty look to your lips!!
  9. It is quite moisturising.
  10. This particular shade would suit everyone!

Cons of the Product :

  1. It is not available everywhere. you need Oriflame representatives for buying it.
  2. The color fades away and leaves behind those shimmer particles on your lips.
  3. The quantity i.e. 1.6gm is quite less when compared to the price and it gets finished up soon.
  4. It tends to dry up your lips after 1.5 hours of application, but if you pair it up with a lip balm/ gloss, it lasts for a longer time and is doesn’t seem so drying after that.

Final Verdict : Oriflame Powershine Lipstick In Trendy Berry  is a must have lipstick for everyone! It has got gorgeous and sophisticated package which is silver in color and has got mirror like finish. It is quite moisturising but if you pair it up with a lip balm or a lip gloss then  the lasting power gets enhanced for further few hours more. It gives a plumper & pouty look to your lips along with a beautiful pink color which you’d adore it! You can apply 1 swipe for a tinted lip balm type finish and 2-3 swipes build up a beautiful color with a 3D effect on your lips. this particular shade would suit everyone!

Rating : 4.8/5    (Highly Recommended!!)

Please drop in your comments and let me know which is your favourite Pink lipstick!!!


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