Ever Yuth Naturals – Cream Face Wash

Hello Everyone!!

Today I am going to review Ever Yuth Naturals Cream Face Wash with Peach, Aloe & Wild Cherry.

Price : 65/- for 100gm (I got this one with an offer of 25gm extra!)

Company Claims :

Ever Yuth Naturals Cream Face Wash is enriched with the natural goodness of Peach, Aloe & Wild Cherry. Unlike soaps, it does not leave the skin with a dry & stretched feel. Ever Yuth Face Wash nourishes, moisturises and deep cleanses the skin, leaving it soft, supple and perfectly moisturised.

Directions For Use :

Squeeze out a small quantity onto your palm. Work  up lather and gently massage on your face. Rinse with water and pat your skin dry. Use two or three times a day.

Suitable for Normal to Dry skin types.

My Experience :

I am a person who is always interested in trying new products which come to the market and I also love to experiment with different brands. Though I am still concerned about my skin and am cautious with the fact that few may even affect reverse on my skin. But again, I do experiment a lot. So, I bought Ever Yuth Naturals Cream Face Wash mesmerised with its awesome fruity fragrance!

Ever Yuth Naturals Cream Face Wash comes in a big tube with a flip cap. Its made in such a way that you can store it upside down so that it will become easy for you to open the cap and use it. Actually, this face wash is indeed in creamy consistency somewhat like a shampoo. It is light pink in color(it is actually very very mild pink in color). Generally, I splash some water on my face and then apply the face wash. I did the same with it and found that it lathers lesser than other face wash that I had used so far with this price range. But gets rinsed off pretty well with usage of adequate amount of water.

After washing my face with it, I always observe an instant glow on my face – which however fades away after some time. I observed that, it really didn’t rip off the moisture from my face and cleaned my face effectively. Mild lip stains occurred due to lipsticks and make up residues can be removed to a very good extent though not completely! I have combination type skin and it didn’t make my skin oily for a good duration of time.

And the fragrance is heavenly! It smells so fresh and yummy to me but it still reminds me of the fragrance of shampoos! But that won’t bother much to girls who are not so addictive to fruity fragrance as it fades away the moment you splash water on your face to clean it out!

Here is the swatch of the product :

Pros of the Product :

  1. Its price effective.
  2. It cleans the face effectively without ripping out the moisture from the face.
  3. It smells amazing – fruity fragrance!
  4. It cleans lipstick stains & makeup residues to a good extent(though not completely)
  5. It is available everywhere.
  6. It gets rinsed off well with adequate amount of water.
  7. It didn’t make my skin oily for a good duration of time.

Cons of the Product :

  1. It contains parabens

Apart from this, I don’t find any con associated with this product.

Final Verdict : Ever Yuth Naturals Cream Face Washis a very good face wash, which cleans your face effectively imparting your face a temporary glow and at the same time it doesn’t rip out the moisture from your face. It didn’t  make my face oily for a good duration of time. It is price effective and available everywhere! It even removes the makeup residues and lipstick stains to a good extent. I would recommend this to everyone!

Rating : 4/5


5 thoughts on “Ever Yuth Naturals – Cream Face Wash

  1. This facewash is really nice. Easy to use and gives a glow and freshness on face. It didn’t make my skin oily for a good duration of time. Price is also effective.

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