Lakme Absolute Matte – Classic Rose

Hello Everyone!!

Today I am going to review Lakme Absolute Matte lipstick in Classic Rose.

Price : 375/- for 3.6gm

Company Claims :

Ensure a proper pout while you enhance the beauty of your lips, with Lakme Absolute Matte. Enriched with Vitamin E and wheat germ oil, this keeps the lips smooth, silky and soft. Now enjoy the special attention along with an attractive matte finish as the non-drying creamy formula keeps the lips hydrated.

  • Is non-transferable.
  • Doesn’t look patchy.
  • Wear time of over 6 hours at least, but it doesn’t disappear completely until you remove it.
  • Good variety of shades, along with quite a few unique and uncommon colors.

My Experience :

I never had any particular interest for Lakme lipsticks but I had a slight tilt towards matte lipsticks. So after reading good reviews from everyone about Lakme Absolute Matte lipsticks I thought of buying them and giving them a try! And I bought 2 lipsticks from this range, they are Lakme Absolute Matte in Classic Rose and Brilliant Kiss. Today, I will review Lakme Absolute Matte – Classic Rose.

Well, it comes in a silver colored bullet with label of Lakme Absolute Matte on it. At the bottom of the lipstick you can find the name and number of the shade. It is sturdy and travel friendly, it won’t ooze out. The bullet needs to be twisted for the lipstick to come up. Inside, the lipstick has got a very comfortable shape which makes it easier to apply.

The texture of this lipstick is not so creamy but it glides on smoothly. However, for better appearance you should exfoliate and moisturize your lips well before applying it. I personally always exfoliate my lips before applying my lipstick or lip gloss/lip balm as the dead cells get brushed off from your lips and your lips look clean an ready for application. And coming to this, it is a perfect matte lipstick for if you love matte lipsticks.

On application, you will observe that it appears to be semi-creamy on lips and when you leave it for 5-10seconds (post application), it dries up on your lips and the color looks beautiful on your lips, giving you a perfect matte finish. It stays on beautifully for 2.5-3 hours and after that it fades away. But it doesn’t leave behind fine lines on lips which surprised me! It is non-transferable. It stays on intact well, for 2.5 hours and it doesn’t fade away even with snacks in between but with heavy meals it completely disappears from your lips. But after application – the perfect matte finish is something that you’d adore abou his lipstick. The pigmentation is quite deep, 1-2 swipes gives you a perfect color on your lips but you can apply 1 swipe as a lip stain on your lips. It doesn’t feather or bleed. This particular shade would suit everyone!

Here I am flaunting my lips with Lakme Absolute Matte in Classic Rose!!

Pros of the Product :

  1. Good pigmentation. 1-2 swipes totally cover up pigmented lips. However, you can apply only one swipe as a lip stain.
  2. It gives you a perfect matte finish to your lips.
  3. It stays on well for 3 hours even with snacks in between.
  4. It doesn’t feather or bleed.
  5. This particular shade would suit everyone!
  6. The packaging is quite sturdy and travel friendly.
  7. It doesn’t settle into fine lines after fading.

Cons of the Product :

  1. For the price of 375rupees, I would surely expect a bit longer staying power.
  2. You would need a lip balm after sometime as it tends to dry your lips out.

Apart from these, I find this as a very beautiful lipstick. Everyone would love it.

Final Verdict : Lakme Absolute Matte lipstick in Classic Rose is a beautiful shade which would suit everyone from dusky to fair skinned beauties, everyone would love it! It has got a very good pigmentation 1 swipe gives a beautiful stain to your lips and 2-3 swipes build up a beautiful, alluring color on your lips. It has got decent staying power of 3 hours with snacks in between! It doesn’t settle into fine lines after fading which scores a brownie point here! I’d recommend this to everyone!

Try it and let me know, how it turned out for you!!

Rating : 4.7/5


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