Modicare Salon hair Care System

Hello Everyone!!

Today I am going to review Modicare Salon Hair Care System – Hair oil.

Price : 175/- for 100ml

Company Claims :

Modicare Salon Hair Care System is a non – greasy oil which strengthens hair roots, adds shine & luster. Makes hair tangle free & manageable.

My Experience :

I was searching for oils with Vitamin-E, as they help our hair grow faster and more healthier. I wanted a hair oil which would not be too expensive and at the same time should show good results and I bumped into this!

Modicare is a good Indian brand, the products are quite good but results are not long lasting. Anyway, when the Modicare consultant started explaining me the various benefits and uses of this oil and clearly mentioned that it has got Vitamin-E in it. I thought of giving this a try and I bought it!

Well, Modicare Salon Hair Care System comes in a sleek, transparent bottle which has got a flip cap on it. The packaging is quite sturdy and travel friendly. The amount of product left can be seen clearly from the transparent bottle. However, coming to the consistency of the oil – it is very light and you require very less quantity of it on your hair. It has got a very pleasant fragrance which stays on for an hour or so – it reminds me of perfumed hair oil that I had used long back.

For deep conditioning, you need to massage it well on your scalp, near the roots of roots of your hair. Since, I don’t have much tangles in my hair so I couldn’t notice that whether the “tangle-free” property works or not. It is said that if you apply it on your wet hair, it acts as a conditioner for your hair and to an extent I found this true as my sister needs a hair conditioner after shampooing her hair and when she used it, she found that it worked well to an extent. However, you need to be very careful regarding the amount – as a drop more can make your hair look dull and tends to weigh your hair down.

I had been using this since 2 months from now and I observed that when I apply this hair oil continuously – my hair grew faster than normally it does with any other hair oil! This impressed me! But the presence of Silicone in it something that makes me sad as we all know the harmful effects of silicone on your hair. And, I discontinued using it as I already attained the length which I was seeking for. But when I was using it, I noticed that I had very less hairfall than befor when I was using other hair oils, which is also an added bonus to it.

Pros of the Product:

  1. It contains Vitamin-E which helps your hair grow faster and it really did grow my hair faster than normally my hair grows with other hair oils.
  2. It can be used like a live-in conditioner by applying it on your wet hair.
  3. You require very less quantity for your hair as you need to apply and massage it only to the roots of your hair.
  4. It detangles and manages your hair to a great extent.
  5. It controls your hairfall and strengthens  your hair roots.
  6. It is non-greasy.
  7. It has got a pleasant fragrance in it.

Cons of the Product :

  1. It can be quite pricey  for a meager 100ml but you need to use only less quantity, so one bottle will last for a long time.
  2. It is available only through Modicare Consultants.
  3. It contains Silicone!!!

Apart from these, I find it as a great product!!

Final Verdict : Modicare Salon Hair Care System – Hair oil is a great product which detangles and manages your hair effectively to a great extent. It helps your hair grow faster than usually your hair does, and that’s due to the presence of Vitamin-E in it. It can be used both on wet and dry hair. It is non-greasy and has got a pleasant fragrance in it. It also leads to lesser hairfall. However, the presence of silicone may restrict its buyers from buying it for daily usage.

Rating : 3.8/5


14 thoughts on “Modicare Salon hair Care System

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  2. Nice article Prachi..Also I know about an oil which induces hair growth as well as which stops whitening of hair..Its panjami, you can read here ..

  3. There is no quick fix for fast hair growth. Your hair grows in cycles. The best way to make get longer hair is to keep it healthy. You can do this by washing your hair to keep the follicle clean and clog free and to keep your scalp moisturize. Also take care of split ends. It’s not that your hair isn’t growing fast enough. It might just be that the rate of breakage is faster than the rate of hair growth. So, controlling breakage should be the priority.

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