Pears Fresh Renewal Face Wash – Ultra Mild

Hello Everyone!!

Today I am going to review Pears Fresh Renewal Face Wash in Ultra Mild.

Price : 45/- for 60gm

Company Claims :

Pears Fresh Renewal Daily Face Wash – For Normal Skin

  • Contains gentle exfoliating beads and cooling crystals.
  • Deep cleans and washes away dead skin cells.
  • Fresh and renewed skin.
  • 100% soap free.
  • Use twice daily for best results.

How to use :

Wet your face & apply on your face and neck and gently massage into lather. Rinse off.


My Experience :

Pears Fresh Renewal Face Wash comes in a transparent tube with a flip cap. Required amount can be squeezed out on palm and can be used. Half of the body of the tube is in blue color and the other half is transparent. The packaging is quite sturdy and travel friendly.

The consistency of this face wash is gel type with small blue colored beads which help in exfoliating your skin. According to the directions I use it daily after washing and making my face wet with water. When I applied it on my face – it felt so cool and refreshing. I have combination type of skin which tends to get very oily during extreme hot weather. So, I used it and was slowly making circular movements, so that these beads would work their way. The beads are too mild, they are not much effective in scrubbing your blackheads or whiteheads off your facial skin. But after rinsing off with water I noticed that it made my face squeaky clean and completely free from oil. It even imparted a soft glow to my face – which lasted only for few seconds, the moment I applied my toner it became normal again. As a whole, it worked well on my skin.

However, it is quite drying when I used it during monsoon and winter season. But during summer season, it was a hit!! I usually follow up with a toner & then my gel moisturizer after washing my face with it. It is a big NO! NO! for dry skinned beauties as it tends to dry up your skin.

I tried it with makeup on my face and lip stains on my lips and to my surprise – it did remove my foundation and lipstick stain to a great extent, though not completely! For a face wash with such a considerable price, this seems like a miracle!! However, I can’t say the same makeup removing power with heavy coverage foundation, lipstick stains on my lips. And when your face is oily, it works beautifully and effectively in removing the dirt, grime & oil from your face, leaving it fresh & glowy! It rinses off with adequate amount of water, it doesn’t require a lot of water to rinse. It is suitable for oily skinned beauties & combination skinned beauties – when their skin tends to be in oily phase. It is worth trying.


Pros of the Product :

  1. It is priced reasonably.
  2. It is quite effective in removing the excess oil & dirt from your face.
  3. It keeps your face oil-free for a good amount of time.
  4. It is quite effective in removing your makeup residues, though not completely but to a great extent.
  5. It imparts a soft glow to your face.
  6. It rinses off with adequate amount water.

Cons of the Product :

  1. The beads are not effective enough to remove your blackheads or whiteheads.
  2. It is suitable only for oily skinned and combination skinned beauties and completely unsuitable for dry skinned beauties as it tends to dry out the skin.

Apart from these, I find it as a very good face wash for daily use.

Final Verdict : Pears Fresh Renewal Face Wash in Ultra Mild is a very good face wash, effective in removing excess oil, dirt & grime from your face. It removes your makeup residues to a great extent. However, it can’t be said the same with heavy coverage foundations. It is quite drying for dry skinned beauties, but is well suited for combination & oily skinned beauties. I’d recommend this to combination and oily skinned beauties.

Rating : 4.2/5



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