Maybelline – The Colossal Kajal

Hello Everyone!!

Today I am going to review the best kajal I’d come across so far i.e. Maybelline – The Colossal Kajal.

Price : 150/- for 0.35gm

Company Claims :

Colossal Intensity : Our Deepest black pigments + Unique tip deliver the blackest black shine ever. Color glides on smooth and so intense!

Colossal Wear :  Never before 6H of smudge resistant wear. Our exclusive color fix formula guarantees intense color results that won’t smudge, budge or fade. No more touch ups.

Colossal Care :  The ultimate in care with a combination of 5 caring ingredients – Olive Oil, Esters, Emollient Butter, Vitamin-E, Vitamin-C Derivative & Conditioning Agent. Formula enriched with Vitamin-E soothes the eyes.

Colossal Intensity & Colossal Wear For 6HOURS

My Experience :

I always wanted to wear Kajal, in spite of the fact that I look quite matured when I apply it. But the problem was that I was always scared by the way Kajal smudges and it even tends to make the eyes droopy and dark, as if I had got dark circles. So I never used to apply kajal. But after hearing great reviews about Maybelline’s Colossal Kajal – I got tempted to buy one for me!!!

Maybelline – The Colossal Kajal comes in a sleek yellow pen which is yellow in color. The packaging seems quite cute to me!! And at the same time it is quite sturdy and travel friendly. The cap of this pen is quite tight and fits in perfectly. Since it is in sleek pen model, you need to twist it, so that the product would come up, just like the mechanism of lipstick bullet.

It glides on smoothly on the waterline of my eyes. I applied 2 strokes to get the desired black color of Kajal in my eyes. It didn’t sting my eyes!! And the best part is that it was intact on my eyes till 8 hours and after that, it did bleed a bit but when I wiped out the excess Kajal (after 8 hours of stay) my eyes were normal, as if I freshly applied Kajal to my eeys! I was very impressed with it!! It neither made my eyes droopy nor got dark circles! Yayyyy!! 😀 😀

The intensity and pigmentation of this Kajal is pretty good. You need only 2 swipes to get the darkest black Kajal in your eyes. It is water-proof, which is also a very good quality tat I felt for this Kajal. It doesn’t come off until and unless I use makeup remover to remove it from my eyes and that way it was intact for 12 hours!! Isn’t it amazing?? It can be used to tightline your eyes, as it shows up well there too. Since, the tip of this Kajal is uniquely designed in a very good shape it gets easier and mess free while applying Kajal to my upper lashline.

And you know, it is a special product exclusively created by Maybelline for Indian Market, you cannot find it in any other country! Yayyyyy!! Thank you Maybelline!! 😀 😀

So what are you waiting for? Go grab one for yourself!!!!!!!

Pros of the Product :

  1. It is price effective! You’d never regret for purchasing it.
  2. The unique yellow colored packaging seems quite attractive.
  3. The packaging is sturdy & travel friendly.
  4. It is smudge proof.
  5. It is water proof.
  6. It stays for more than 6 hours (well for e, it lasted for about 8 hours with minimum bleeding and after I wiped it, it lasted for 4 hours more!!)
  7. It doesn’t give you raccoon eyes, even after wearing it for long time.
  8. The tip of this Kajal is well shaped for applying on waterline and even for tightlining the upper lash line.
  9. It doesn’t sting/burn at all!

Cons of the Product :

  1. I really wish there were a bit more of this product!!

Final Verdict : Maybelline – The Colossal Kajal  is the best Kajal that I had used so far. It is really smudge proof & water proof. It builds a beautiful color intensiy on both your waterline and upper lashline. It doesn’t sting or burn your eyes. It lasts for more than 6 Hours & even without applying any powder under eyes I was intact for whole 8 hours, it didn’t bleed at all. Though after 8 hours it did bleed a bit but when I wiped and cleaned it… it lasted for 4 hours more. Amazing product!! I’d recommend this to everyone!! 😀 😀

Rating : 5/5


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