Scholl Air-Pillo Gel Insoles

Hello Everyone!!

Today I am going to review Scholl Air Pillo Gel Insoles.

Price : 300/- for One Pair of Unisex Full Length Insoles.

Company Claims :

Scholl Air Pillo Gel Insoles absorb shock as you walk to provide all day comfort and cushioning.

  • Technologically advanced gel is
  • Easy to cut size
  • Highly Durable
  • Won’t slip or wrinkle in footwear
  • Absorbent top cloth helps keep feet comfortable and dry.
  • Full length Insoles fit all types of footwear
  • Washable

Directions :

Cut the supplied size guide to fit and use as a template to cut insoles. Separate the two insoles and cut to size with sharp scissors. For optimum comfort do not cut insoles too small. Insert into shoes with the cloth side up.

My Experience :

Well, Scholl Air Pillo Gel Insoles come in a plastic box type package with a hole at the front side of the pack to get a view of the product. On the cover itself, every direction is clearly written. On opening, you will find 2 gel insoles and a size chart. You can use the size chart to check the size of your feet and you can cut the insoles according to your size.



These Gel Insoles have got very small gel buds all over it on one side and the other side has got a white colored cloth stuck to it. These tiny gel buds actually provide great cushion to your feet, you’d feel relaxed and strainless when you put them in your footwear – shoes especially. These tiny gel buds are made in a way that they really don’t slip or get wrinkled in your footwear.

Once you cut it and insert it in your footwear, you can easily forget the pain & strain that your feet used to get earlier. These are blue in color and for usage, you need to put those gel buds downwards and the cloth side upwards. Before putting those insoles my feet used to ache while I was walking and let me tell you, I walk a lot!!!! My shoe insoles used to get totally flat and I used to change them from time to time and again the cushion of the insole used to get flat and this same cycle used to continue over and over again!! But then I came across this wonderful product, I read about it in Outlook Magazine. I just bought it from its online store and immediately ripped it open and cut it into my feet size and then put it into my shoes and since then i.e. since last 3-4 months I didn’t change these super awesome insoles!! And even while walking I feel really comfortable and relaxed! I walk and walk and walk without even thinking about my legs!! Isn’t it wonderful??

These are washable and re-usable so that you need not wear the dirty ones again and again. The absorbent cloth really keeps my feet dry and comfortable. Whenever I wear these in my shoes, my feet tends to get less sweaty. Actually I have normal sweat rate in my foot so, people suffering from excessive sweating of feet may find it quite useful. And anyne can buy and use it, irrespective of foot size!! Its for everyone, whether you have pain or not it doesn’t limit itself for just treating the pain of feet but also as a comfortable platform on which you can walk and even keep your feet sweat free!

You should wear it this way..keeping the cloth side up :

Pros of the Product :

1. It comes as a size which can fit anyone! You can cut along according to your size and use it.

2. It comes along with a size guide.

3. It provides excellent cushioning to your feet and your feet would never feel any kind of pain while wearing it.

4. It is a very good shock absorber.

5. It is washable and re-usable.

6. It doesn’t get wrinkled in your footwear.

7. The absorbent cloth helps in keeping your feet comfortable and dry.

8. It is used with all types of footwears, especially shoes.

Cons of the Product :

  1.  I wish it too came along with some kind of re-usable adhesive so that I could’ve used it even in few of my heels!

Apart from this, I find this as a wonderful product!!

Final Verdict : Scholl Air Pillo Gel Insoles are the best insoles which can be used by anyone and everyone!! The length of these insole is too long and you can cut it accordint to your feet size. It also has got an absorbent cloth stuck on top of it, which helps in keeping your feet comfortable and dry. It’s a must have product for all those who walk a lot and feel that their shoe insoles get flat after a certain point of time and their feet aches after that. These gel buds provide shcok absorbing attribute, and when you put these on you can feel them providing gentle cushioning to your feet. These are washable  and re-usable. It is suitable for both male and female. I’d recommend this to everyone!

Rating : 4.9/5





9 thoughts on “Scholl Air-Pillo Gel Insoles

  1. Oh my GOD! What an amazing review!! I am totally going to buy this just based on your review. I am so like you, i walk and walk and walk and walk and walk….and I have to keep thanking my poor feet for carrying me around even when they can’t. I think this sounds heavenly. I’ve always wondered if they would work according to my shoe size but you have explained so well, I will buy them. any more posts like these will be highly appreciated! i love your blog even more now. tc sweetheart 🙂

    1. Hehehe yeah I walk a lot,,in fact I like to walk a lot! Yeah you can buy them and wear,,but its suitable only for shoes or footwear which has got some sort of lock in it as no adhesives are found here and it may come off from your footwear! 😛 😛

    1. All ur questions are welcome needn’t be silly! 🙂 No, when I wear it with my shoes I don’t fix any glue but yeah if you intend to wear them with open sandals then you may put ” Fevi Quick” glue to it!! 😛 😛

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