The Bodyshop Born Lippy Passionberry Lip Balm

Hello Everyone!!

Today I am going to review The Bodyshop Born Lippy Passionberry Lip Balm.

Price : 205/- for 10ml

Company Claims :

 A glossy and moisturising lip balm with an exotic berry flavour, that leaves lips looking and feeling soft, smooth and kissable.

Our cult lip balm in a pot. Gives colour, flavour and moisture for more kissable lips.

  • Purple tint
  • Shine finish
  • Fruity passionberry flavour

Directions :

Apply as required throughout the day.




My Experience :

I always have the urge to try as many lip balms as I can! And with that, I keep buying more and more lip balms. I bought this lip balm as I heard a lot about it – its special moisturizing formula! Well, I have dry lips and that is why I need a moisturizing lip balm for everything – for applying it beneath my lipsticks, sometimes over my lipsticks and sometimes siply on my bare lips just to moisturize them and keep them healthy. Be it the tinted lip balms or non-tinted ones, I just need lip balms all the time!!

The Bodyshop Born Lippy Lip Balm comes in a white opaque, round plastic tub. The packaging seemed quite cute to me and it is quite resistant to breakage, as it fell a lot of times but it never even got a scratch on it. On unscrewing the cap I immediately noticed the fresh, natural fragrance of Passionberry fruit!! It smells exactly the same, unlike other lip balms such as Fabindia’s Pasionberry Lip Butter, which smell so unnatural!! The consistency of this lip balm is quite smooth and jelly type thick but on application, it feels very light and glossy on lips. Its very moisturizing on lips, I really love the way it moisturizes my lips with a wonderful fragrance of Passionberry fruit! The fruiy smell lasts for about 20 minutes and after that, it fades away slowly.



This lip balm lasts for about exactly 1 and half hour on my lips. Since I have dry lips, the lasting power of lip balms & lipsticks get reduced on my lips. But it may last a bit longer on girls having normal lips (God bless them all!!). and you really need a little bit of it on your lips, this way this tub would easily last for a long time.

However, the tub packaging is something that I don’t appreciate much. And you need to dip in your fingers or else use your lip brush to get it on your lips, which is also a bit messy task. Except this, I am really enjoying this lip balm!! Love it! Love it! Love it!

Pros of the Product :

  1. The packaging is quite sturdy and travel friendly.
  2. You get a lot of product.
  3. It smells yummy and very fresh fragrance of Passionberry fruit. It doesn’t seem unnatural at all!
  4. The consistency of this lip balm is really soft and jelly type. You’d love to touch it!
  5. On lips it feels really light and glossy.
  6. It is very moisturizing on lips.
  7. You can use it underneath your lipsticks to increase their lasting power.
  8. It lasts for about 1 and half hour on my lips.
  9. You would require very less product on your lips and this way your tub would last for a long time.
  10. It doesn’t feel sticky or waxy at all.

Cons of the Product :

  1. The tub packaging is not so hygienic to use.

Apart from this, I love this lip balm completely!!

Final Verdict : The Bodyshop Born Lippy Lip Balm is a wonderful product! It smells of fresh Passionberry fragrance and the fragrance is very natural. On application, you would feel that it is very light and moisturizing on your lips. It is not sticky at all! And when you apply it beneath your lipstick, it increases the staying power of your lipsticks. The  staying power of this lipstick is about 1 and half hour on my bare lips. I would recommend this to everyone!!

Rating : 4.6/5


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