My 4th and 5th Awards!!!!!! Yayyyyyyyy!! :D :D

Hello Everyone!!

I am sooooooooo excited to announce that I received my 4th and 5th Awards from Arpita and Rebecca!! 😀 😀 The first three awards were so unexpected and I was surprised when I received it!! These two awards are super exciting too!! 🙂 🙂

There is also a fun game involved and as per the rules, I have to do the following:

Post 11 things about myself
Answer the tagger’s questions
Tag and pass the awards to 11 other bloggers
Create 11 questions for the bloggers to answer
Go to the bloggers page and inform them about the awards

Here are the 11 Things About Me:

  1. I love my home town and especially the greenery surrounding it!
  2. I love Idlis and Chana Masala as my favorite snack, when my mom makes it!!
  3. My favorite Hero from childhood till now is Shah Rukh Khan, others may come and go but he’ll always be my constant favorite!!
  4. I read magazines like Outlook and Newsweek, but the most favorite one is Filmfare!!
  5. One of my favorite hobby is to cut and paste photos of celebrities from magazines to my scrapbook.
  6. I love collecting all the various kinds of lip balms!
  7. I feed 3 street dogs & puppies near my home. One of them just turned 2 years old and the other two are still 8 month puppies!
  8. I love collecting facts about various zodiac signs.
  9. I love the view of the early rising sun  & love watching it from the window of my room!!
  10. Loveeeeeeeeeee….to sleep!! I am a Kumbhkaran by nature!! Hehehe
  11. I have always been a keen follower and avid consumer of GADGETS!! 😀 😀

And here are the answers to Arpita’s questions!!

1. Favourite Eyeliner? Loreal Paris Superliner 24H Waterproof gel eye liner!! 😀 😀

2. Music or Television? Music

3. Fruits or vegetables? Both

4. Blue or white? Blue

5. Name of your favorite teacher in High School KMH Martin sir, Bhaskar sir and Rita ma’m…sorry these three people mean a lot to cudnt stop writing their names!!
6. Dog or cats? Dogs! Dogs n Dogs!! Luv dm!! 😀 😀

7. Favorite face-wash? Vichy Purete Thermale Purifying Foaming Water

8. Shopping or sleeping? 😛 Shopping!!! 😛 😛

9. Oily, Normal or Dry skin? Combination skin

10. Gold or silver? Gold

11. Singing or Dancing? Dancing!

And here are the answers to Rebecca’s questions!!

1. What do you currently do for a living? I am a student right now..

2. Summer or winter? Summer

3. Why did you start blogging? It was my passion…researching about things related to beauty was the most favorite hobby of mine! So, I started blogging!

4. Who is your favourite singer or band? Akcent!!!!!!!!! And Edward Maya toooo!! I love their music all the time..and few others are also there…but these are my favorite ones!!

5. What is the one beauty product you buy over and over again? Vichy Bi-white reveal double corrective whitening essence!! I can’t live without it!

6.Kindle or books? Kindle

7. What is your favourite dessert? Ice-creams!!!!!!!!!!

8. What do you use to take pictures on your blog? My new smart phone..Samsung Galaxy S3 :) :)

9. What is your favourite place you have visited? My Aunty’s house..its my she has got a very biiiiiiiiig garden and a yard filled with various kinds of plants, trees and fascinating flowers!! It feels like as if I am connected with nature!!

10.Dog or cat person? Dog! Dog! Dog!

11. Apart from blogging, what is your favourite hobby? Cooking & Dancing!! yayyy!! :D :D

Now I tag few more talented Bloggers for this Beautiful Award!! 🙂

  1. Niesha
  2. Arpita
  3. Rebecca
  4. Bharti
  5. Sakura
  6. Maya
  7. Ammu
  8. Jyoti
  9. Lancy
  10. Erica
  11. Appu!!!

 Here are my questions!!

  1. One word which describes you the best?
  2. Gadgets or makeup??
  3. Which phone do you own right now?
  4. How often do you cook?
  5. Favorite color?
  6. What would you prefer the most : flowers or greeting cards?
  7.  Favorite dish that you ever cooked?
  8. Favorite social networking site?
  9. Favorite foundation?
  10. Favorite Lip Balm?
  11. Waxing or Hair removal cream? which one do you do the most?? 😛 😛

Waiting eagerly to know you all!!!!!! 😀 😀


4 thoughts on “My 4th and 5th Awards!!!!!! Yayyyyyyyy!! :D :D

  1. Oh my GOsh!!
    Thank you so so much :):)
    then this will by my 7th award 😀
    people gonna kick me if i write a post again and bug them to read 😛
    I would love to answer your questions as usual 😀
    my answers:
    2.Gadgets(I am kinda technically sound and a novice in makeup :/ )
    4.I used to cook every weekend when I use to stay away from home. not now.
    6.Greeting cards with lots of hand written msgs:)
    7.Tomato Bath
    8.Facebook for its amazing apps I used to spend hours just by playing all the random games:P
    9.Maybelline BB cream and coloressence makeup base.
    10.Chapsticks from USA 😀
    11.VEET 😛

    you rock sweety..!
    all the best pilla 🙂

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