Venus Curls and Curves – Salon Review

Hello Everyone!!

Today I am going to give you a hilarious review of Venus Curls and Curves spa and salon!! Hope you all would enjoy reading it!!


My Experience:

To review this salon i.e. Venus Curls and Curves spa and salon, I bought a deal from I was quite excited as till now the spas I went were really nice and expected this too to be nice. But to my surprise, it wasn’t!! I didn’t introduce myself as a blogger at first place, but as a common girl. I took my appointment and on that day I was given 2 services from the list given below:

  1. Advance White Perfect Facial/ Radiant Ozone Facial
  2. Aromatic Relaxation Full Body Spa
  3. Hair Spa
  4. Chocolate Pedi Spa
  5. Full Arm Waxing
  6. Half Leg Waxing
  7. Foot Reflexology
  8. Hair Trim, Hair Wash, Blow Dry
  9. Eyebrow Threading


On the first day I was given facial and hair treatments. When I went, I waited for about 20minutes to make them ready for my facial session. I waited patiently without uttering a word. I was then called for it and asked to change my dress to a disposable wrap. The girl who was about to do my facial came into the room with the cream, cleanser and all the essentials – without asking my skin type and what I would like to take from their services that they are offering. When I asked her what is that atleast, then she called her colleague to assist with this, and to which she just named it as its Radiant Ozone Facial and without answering any of my further questions, she just walked away. And I had to get my facial done with that. I had my fingers crossed thinking that this would suit my skin!! She finished it off within less than 27 minutes!!!! Shocking!! Isn’t it?? Yeah, she finished!

I would rate this facial as 1.8/5


And then I moved on for my hair treatment. But I was asked to wait for another 20-25 minutes. And I waited along with my friend. But in reality, I was waiting for more than 45minutes. So, I went and asked whether she is still busy and need more time, to which she replied – that she is almost done. I waited there for about 7 more minutes, which totals to 53minutes, almost an hour!!! After that the torture began!! I was given a hair wash by a guy to which he was washing like he was washing a completely stained shirt!!!! It was hurting me a lot! I asked him to be a bit gentle, but that didn’t change his ways! I lost a lot of hairs in that process. I was totally horrified and asked them to cancel my hair spa (as I don’t want to loose more hair!!!)


Now torture part -2! I was taken to a seat for my haircut. There was no conditioner applied to my hair and no serum was applied! But then, she started combing my wet hair!!! My wet hair!! Vigorously!! I lost a lot of hair in that too!!! After that, I was given a haircut to which I paid an extra 250/- as it was not covered in the package. But she kept on combing and cutting my wet hair – I couldn’t control and asked her loudly not to be so harsh on my hair and from then on she got a bit gentle on my hair. And then my haircut was done!! It was really good!! After suffering all the pains I finally got my haircut!

After that I rescheduled the rest of the package for another day, as they were busy! I broke out right after my facial, my face got completely oily and my face was filled with lot of acne. The facial was meant for dehydrated skin and I have combination skin. I was quite depressed with those 2 services and decided not to go again. But then I thought of giving them a second chance. And so, I booked for 30th May,2013 and I was about to get all the other services.


I went to the Salon and this time I was treated well. I was given a waxing session of full hands and half legs. After that the massage started – she did for about 15mins and then I took bath in a bathroom, which had no door to it!! But thank God that my spa room had a door and a lock to it! There was no bodywash but a mere soap – I had no options, I had to clean myself!!


And then I was given pedicure and manicure. This was the best part of all. The salon girl was very friendly and did my part very well. I was happy only with this. And with this my package was over!! Thank God! I’d never ever return to this scary house!!!

Rating: 1/5

P.S. I was not allowed to take pics, else I’d have clicked the real pics of their salon!!



6 thoughts on “Venus Curls and Curves – Salon Review

  1. I went to their branch in BTM Layout (called De-Fab) and my experience with these cheaters is worse. Her seniot lady Halima is a cheat and their staff is untrained and use inferior products.

    My friend and I went thie as a part of a deal purchased with times Deal and had a horrible experienece.

    – They use some local brand Bio-Care products for Facial and advertise it as Biotique facial.
    – They do not have any concept of massage in Facials
    – They used cuticle remover to clean blackheads on my nose!!!!!!!
    – They were giving steam to my face with the face pack on!!!!!
    – During facial they tried removing blackheads from the top of my Eyelids!!!!!!
    – I could not sit through so called loreal Hair-Spa because the creme that they tried of apply on my face smelled of Ammonia and h2S!!!!!

    They take payments in advance that they don’t refund, they use substandards staff and products , their beds are dirty and they they finish facials in 15 mins!!!

    I have had a very frustrating experience at De-Fab/ vebnual curls and Curves in BTM Layout and urge everyone to NEVER NEVER go there.

      1. Looks like every single person who has ever been there has written a bad review due to the amount of humiliation and stress that these people subject u too. Hair spa creme smelling of ammonia and h2s ( rotten eggs smell), removing blackheads with cuticle remover tool, steam over face having clay pack on it and trying to remove blackheads from eyelids is not just unprofessional.. Its pure blasphemy!

        My friend and I had to deal with them on a saturday for a couple hours most of which was wait time and argument saga and not a single other customer walked in to there center. I bet they are going to close down very soon.

        I am anyways taking the matter to consumer court because neither did they cheat us and did not provide services but also took the money in advance and refused to refund it. The reception lady and her senior Halima are bigtime liars and hence all the bad reviews. Bad customer handling and bad service after all is a very bad combo.

  2. And if anyone wants pictures of this place called De-Fab, please contact me.. I have pictures of their staff, saloon and a few products too!!

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