HerbaLife – Promo

Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix



Treat your body to a healthy, balanced meal in no time! Not only are these shakes easy to make, they’re also delicious. With up to 20 essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients and in seven flavours – weight management never tasted so good! Also a great nutritional supplement not just for weightloss but for healthy living and busy lifestyles.

Key Benefits

  •   A healthy meal with up to 20 vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients.
  •    9g of protein and healthy fibre help support weight management.

Treat your body with this advanced food technology specifically formulated with a unique blend of ingredients provides easily absorbed, high quality soy protein,carbhohydrates, vitamins, mineral, dietary fibre and herbs.

Antioxidants, nutrients, vitamin C and a whole lot more.

For further information contact

Yashina Singh

Independent Herbalife Distributor

yashina_singh@yahoo.com or singhy@fnb.co.za

Should you wish to join Herbalife also send her an email and you can earn that extra income you have always wanted.

To get registered online immediately as a Herbalife Distributor / Preferred Customer:

Register as a Distributor / Preferred Customer & receive:

  • Vanilla Formula One Shake
  • Fiber & Herb Tablets
  • Multivitamin Tablets
  • Thermojetics Herbal Beverage Tea

Documents, Training, Registration and more Immediate 25% discount on all products after registration Go to:

Web: https://za.onlinecontract.myherbalife.com

Use my ID as your sponsor: 4612105666

Surname: Singh

We receive notification of your registration and will contact you to start assisting you.

Should you have questions I will be very happy to answer your them.

Yours in Health


071 365 0074 / 072 173 9949

yashina_singh@yahoo.com or singhy@fnb.co.za

P.S. You can mail her regarding your interest and register with her to avail such exciting offers!! They are available in India also…Hurry up!!


2 thoughts on “HerbaLife – Promo

  1. Hi All
    Im the Herbalife Distributor, our products are AWESOME.
    Not just a healthy drink but also amazing in your weightloss prgramme.
    Should anyone be interested do contact me. All you have to lose is the weight.
    we have a range of products thats amazing and we all over the world, so getting products to you is hasslefree.
    The shake comes in Vanilla, Strawberry, Cookies and Cream, Fruit Tropical and Chocolate.
    with a recipes to turn your shakes into awesome drinks.
    Contact me…. TRY IT ….

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