Bourjois Smile Enhancing Lip Gloss – Framboise Hollywood

Hello Everyone!!

Today I am going to review a beautiful lip gloss from Bourjois i.e. Bourjois Smile Enhancing Lip Gloss – Framboise Hollywood.


Price: 680/- for 5.5ml gloss and 2ml for teeth brightening gel.

Company Claims:

Gloss & Tooth-Brightening Effect Gel For a Dazzling Hollywood Smile!

1. A tooth-brightening effect gel to apply directly onto the teeth. Gentle on tooth enamel, its formula is enriched with blue coloured pearls and brightening agents for an instant result. Designed for daily use and even better, it leaves a fresh breath sensation too!

2. A dazzling lipgloss to apply onto the lips formulated with White Focus pigments to enhance tooth brightness instantly.

Result: An instant tooth-brightening effect and a dazzling smile! Enhance your smile and make your teeth look even brighter!


My Experience:

Bourjois Smile Enhancing Lip Gloss – Framboise Hollywood comes in a cute bottle. It has sponge tip applicator for both gloss and brightening gel respectively. You have the gloss on one side and the tooth brightening gel on the other side. The slanted tip of the sponge applicator makes the application very easy on lips.



The consistency of the gloss is slightly runny. On application, I feel the gloss is very very light on my lips. The texture of the gloss is very creamy and smooth. It has a mint fragrance to it – which is very strong but I love mint fragrance a lot! So, I don’t have any problem with this.



It has also got a teeth brightening gel – which is also non-sticky gel. All you need to do id to apply it on your teeth. However, I didn’t observe any change in the color of my teeth. It seemed same to me. Basically, it is not required and if price is considered for this also then it’s a waste.


The Gloss is however completely non-sticky! I love that!! It is highly pigmented lip gloss. Since I have pigmented lips, I always prefer pigmented gloss on my lips. This hides my pigmented lips very well, I love that! This shade Framboise Hollywood is more of raspberry pink! I just love the color and it instantly brightens up my complexion! This gloss has got very fine blue shimmer particles, which do not look OOTD on your lips but tends to impart a 3D look to your lips. And you will also observe a slight plumpy effect on your lips. the shimmer doesn’t stick to your lips even after fading away. It doesn’t give a patchy look to your lips, after fading away, no color is left behind. It doesn’t feather or bleed. It is quite moisturising on lips.


The staying power of this lip gloss is about 6 hours. it stays well upto 4 hours and after that you can observe a slight fade in the color. But the gloss stays intact upto 6 hours which is also a very good attribute. It survives mild snacks very well and after intake of heavy meals – it doesn’t get completely wiped out from your lips. Even after 6 hours it doesn’t get sticky or patchy!

It is pricey for teeth brightening gel but when the gloss is considered – the quality it renders is worth each and every penny invested on it!


Pros of the Product:

  1. It has a sponge tip applicator – which will apply the gloss evenly on your lips.
  2. It is completely non-sticky and light on your lips.
  3. It tends to give a plumpy look to your lips.
  4. It is highly pigmented, easily hides pigmented lips.
  5. It is soft raspberry pink which instantly brightens up your complexion!
  6. It contains very fine blue colored shimmer particles – which tend to give a 3D look to your lips.
  7. It doesn’t get uneven or patchy even when the gloss fades away.
  8. Staying power is about 5-6 hours. Survives heavy meals also.
  9. It doesn’t feather or bleed.
  10. It is very moisturising.
  11. It has a lovely mint fragrance – which gives a cooling effect to my lips.
  12. Shimmer particles don’t stick to your lips, after the gloss fades away from your lips.

Cons of the Product:

  1. The only con that I found was that the teeth brightening gel doesn’t work and we are paying for that also. Instead they could provide more of the gloss.

Apart from this I don’t have any complaints!

Overall Verdict:  Bourjois Smile Enhancing Lip Gloss – Framboise Hollywood is a beautiful soft raspberry pink and is highly pigmented lip gloss. It is non-sticky and light on lips. staying power is about 5-6 hours. It neither feathers nor bleeds. The quality and feel of the gloss is amazing and worth every penny invested in it! It would look lovely on everyone and is suitable for any type of lips. I would recommend it to everyone!

Rating: 4.7/5


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