Enliven Luxury Shower Gel – Invigorating Geranium and Mountain Pepper

Hello Everyone!!

Today I am going to review Enliven Luxury Shower Gel – Invigorating Geranium and Mountain Pepper.

 Price: 89/- for 100ml


Company Claims:

A shower would have never felt so bracing before. Feel exhilarated as Enliven brings to you this Luxury Shower Gel. Enliven offers you a range of health and beauty products which are created for the varying needs of today. The Invigorating Shower Gel from Enliven smells so pleasant, that you will always want to take a sniff of your body skin. As you use this organic Enliven Luxury Invigorating Shower Gel, you will feel rejuvenated. You do not have to worry anymore about the daily toxins and chemicals, and live a healthy and fresh life.

With the presence of ingredients like extracts of Geranium and Mountain Pepper, the aromatic property of the hand wash is highly appreciable. Extracted from the stem and leaves of geranium plant, geranium extracts essential oil has a note of minty aroma and is an antidepressant which also relieves stress naturally. Mountain Pepper acts as an antiseptic which protects your skin from external damage and harms. The shower gel can be used by both men and women. This enticing Enliven Shower Gel will soon be your favourite as it baits over you for long.

 Directions for Use

  • Dispense an adequate amount of shower gel onto a wet loofah.
  • Apply it all over your body to create lather.
  • Rinse it well.


My Experience:

I had always liked Enliven products. And when I heard the ingredients like Mountain Pepper and Geranium it attracted me and persuaded me to buy it. I didn’t know whether I’d like it or not, so I bought the smaller size for me.

Well, Enliven Luxury Shower Gel – Invigorating Geranium and Mountain Pepper comes in a cute, small, transparent plastic bottle. The packaging is travel friendly, the flip cap is tight so there is no leakage of the product from the bottle. The cap of the bottle is plastic, with silver coloured coat on it. The consistency if shower gel is medium, neither runny nor creamy. It is light brown in colour. It smells refreshingly fresh!! I love the smell, whenever I take my bath it just invigorates my body. However, the fragrance doesn’t last for a long time! You would not even find it lingering in your bathroom after your bath! The fragrance is very mild.


It cleans your body very well. You’ll get that squeaky clean finish! I am loving it, as during summers my skin tends to get a bit oily and I badly need a squeaky clean bath. It gives a fresh after bath feeling. But the only thing is that you require a bit more product when compared with other body washes to make sufficient lather. It is very easy to rinse off ad you don’t need a lot of water for that. Since, it gives a squeaky clean finish, you would need to follow up with a light moisturiser during summer season and heavy moisturiser during winter season, depending on your skin type requirements. It is quite economic.

It is available online and in various shopping malls. However, it is still not available in local stores.


Pros of the Product:

  1. It is budget friendly.
  2. Travel friendly packaging.
  3. Refreshing fragrance.
  4. Gives a squeaky clean finish to your body.
  5. It is very effective during summer season.
  6. Doesn’t completely rip off moisture from your skin but still I follow up with a light moisturiser.
  7. It is easily rinsed off from your body.
  8. Available online and various shopping malls.

Cons of the Product:

  1. You need a lot of product to make sufficient lathering.
  2. Fragrance doesn’t linger for a long time. It fades away very quickly.

Final Verdict: Enliven Luxury Shower Gel – Invigorating Geranium and Mountain Pepper is a good shower gel, ideal for summer season. It gives you a wonderful fresh feeling. It also gives you a squeaky clean finish. However, the fragrance is too mild and fades away very quickly. I’d recommend this only to use in Summer season as you’d find the fragrance light and fresh for summers!!

Rating: 3/5


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