Aroma Magic Beauty Pack – Review

Hello Everyone!!

Today I am going to review Aroma Magic Beauty Pack.

Price: 215/- for 50gms

Company Claims :

Aroma Magic Beauty Pack balances irregular skin tone and lightens your skin and is a great blend of pure essential oils and plant extract. This pack conditions and revitalizes your skin and also restores cellular tissues thereby slowing down the skin aging process. Aroma Magic Beauty Pack has natural alpha hydroxyl acids, natural exfoliating agents that help in firming and tightening your skin, making it smooth and fresh. Aroma Magic Beauty Pack offers great shine and glow to the skin.

Description: Aroma Magic Beauty Pack includes extracts of clove, aloe vera, orange peel, nutmeg, Indian penny worth, acid fruit extracts, grape seed, oat flower, alpha hydroxyl acid, fruit extracts and pure essential oils of orange, neroli and pettigrain.


Details: Aroma Magic Beauty Pack offers intensive conditioning and deep cleansing particularly for dry skin.

Features And Benefits: Aroma Magic Beauty Pack helps your skin turn fresh and smooth. It has extracts of aloe vera, clove, orange peel and grape seed.

How to Use: Apply Aroma Magic Beauty Pack on your neck and face and leave it for nearly 20 minutes. Then use damp soft cotton to wipe it off.

My Experience:

Aroma Magic Beauty Pack comes in a wide mouthed jar. It is quite sturdy and travel friendly. But you have to dip in your fingers to use, or you can use a spatula to take the required in a different container to apply it on your face. It has got a pleasant fragrance, which is too mild. It has got special ingredients like AHA, extracts of Orange peel, Aloe vera, Clove, AHA Fruit extracts, Grape seed & Pure essential oils of Neroli, Orange and Petit Grain.


The face pack is in thick cream consistency. It is white in color. Always cleanse and clean your face well, before applying any face pack. You need to apply a thick layer on your face and while applying you would feel a calm and soothing effect on your face and neck. It doesn’t dry out like other face packs. But still if you let it stay on your face for more than 30mins or so, it does show some signs of drying. And after drying out completely, you’d notice a significant difference in your skin before applying the pack and after applying it. The moment you clean it off from your face (I generally use a wet sponge to clean it completely from my face), you’d observe that your face and neck have got brighter in complexion and you’d also find your face glowing.


If you don’t let it dry and wipe it out before the stipulated time – you won’t find your desired results on your face at all. I have a combination skin type and I was hesitating to use it but to my surprise, it didn’t break me out! Yayyyyyy!!!! I am very happy!! It made my skin soft and supple with a bonus of brightness and glowy effect on my face! But sadly, the effect stays only for about 2 days. I used this product for about more than 2 months, though it didn’t improve my overall complexion, it did add instant glow and the effect stays for about 2 days. It is always useful to me when my skin looks dull and I want to cheer it up!!

I didn’t repurchase it as I want products which show long lasting results. However, its worth a try!




Pros of the Product:

  1. Sturdy, travel friendly packaging.
  2. One jar lasts about 18-20 applications.
  3. Reasonably priced.
  4. It adds a healthy glow and your complexion gets lightened and brightened.
  5. It didn’t make my skin oily and didn’t break me out.
  6. Not tested on animals.
  7. Has a cooling effect on your face.
  8. It is suitable for all types of skin.

Cons of the Product:

  1. Tub packaging – unhygienic to use, however you can scoop out the required amount of product in a separate container and use from it.
  2. The effect doesn’t stay for a long time.
  3. The smell, though mild can be disturbing for sensitive people.
  4. Takes a lot of time to dry, almost more than 30mins.

Final Verdict: Aroma Magic Beauty Pack is an instant upliftment pack. It instantly adds glow and brightness to your face. And the effect lasts for about 2 days only. It is really helpful when your skin is dull and you need an instant glow to your face.

Rating: 2.7/5


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