Vichy Thermal Spa Water

Hello Everyone!

After a long time….I am writing again!! I got so occupied with my internship and all, that I hardly could make any time out to write…however I am reviewing today one of the best facial mists – Vichy Thermal Spa Water.

Price: 650/- for 150ml (chk)

Company Claims:

Complete every skin care routine with the Vichy Purete Thermale Spa Water Spray, a hero product for soft and cleansed skin. The light and refreshing formulation is rich in fifteen rare mineral salts and oligo-elements that work to decongest, relieve redness, soothe sensitive skin and reinforce the skin’s natural protection. Protected and fortified, skin is more resistant to environmental aggressions. The reparative water is recognized by the French Academy of Medicine for its soothing properties. Use morning and night to complete your cleansing routine. After spraying, leave it to work for a few moments before gently patting dry. During the day, it immediately soothes and refreshes. Complete every skin care routine with the Vichy Purete Thermale Spa Water Spray, a hero product for soft and cleansed skin.

Hypoallergenic. Tested by Dermatologists. 100% pure thermal spa water, preservative and fragrance free.Skin is reinforced, comforted, and instantly soothed. Helps reinforce the skin’s natural protective function. 100% pure thermal water free of preserving agents, perfume free.

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My Experience:

I am a die-hard fan of Vichy’s products! Almost all of their claims are true when  it comes Vichy – that is what kept me glued to the brand!

I wasn’t much into facial mists till I was introduced to Vichy Thermal Spa Water and only after this I began hunting and adding various facial mists to my kitty bag. I was actually in the Vichy counter in Health n Glow and then the SA asked me, if I would like to try this? I wasn’t much sure, she then explained me about the ingredients in it..the essential 15 minerals…

The Vichy Thermal Spa Water’s 15 minerals components include:

Calcium :  Protects skin tissue

Potassium: Helps in hydrating skin cells

Silicon: Densifying; regenerating

Magnesium : Stimulates skin regeneration

Iron: Helps in oxygenating skin cells

Manganese : Combats oxidation and stimulates healing

Copper: Has an anti-inflammatory action

Zinc: Necessary for cell-growth and healing

Bromine, Fluorine, Boron, Lithium, Strontium: They also contribute to these very special properties.

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VICHY EAU THERMALE: Thermal water from Vichy  is drawn from the Lucas Spring in the town of Vichy, France.. Rich in mineral salts and trace elements. It soothes sensitive skin and strengthens the skin immunity. Suitable for all skin types.Spray the water on your skin and leave it to take effect for a while and then dry gently. It can be used for refreshment several times a day, for perfect make-up removal in the morning and in the evening.

And then, she sprayed it on my face – before she sprayed it on my face, my face was dull and a bit tired due to my exposure to sun. But the moment she sprayed it on my face, I patted it dry on my face and it completely got absorbed. The moment it got absorbed, you won’t believe – I was surprised  to see that my face got awakened!! My face was looking more fresh and glowy!! That was a miracle! I was totally impressed and bought it that very instant!

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Well Vichy Thermal Spa Water  comes in a bottle which is similar to the deo bottles. The spray head is also same, the bottle is in white color and the cap is in blue color. The thermal water is actually :

A highly concentrated water with 15 mineral salts and trace elements, to soothe the skin and reinforce the skin’s natural protective function. Recognized by the French Academy of Medicine for its soothing properties, it is an essential complement to any skin care regimen.

The Vichy Thermal Spa Water (Eau Thermale) is a unique water well known for its fortifying and soothing properties. Not just a hydrant booster, it soothes the skin and reinforces its barrier function. By protecting and fortifying the skin, our skin becomes more resistant to environmental aggressions. It can be used all over (with and without makeup on), at any time of day for an instant boost of hydration.

Basically it is a great mist for makeup. I use it to make my makeup stay fresh for a long time and not just once or twice – every time it had proved me right by keeping my makeup fresh and long lasting – even though I did sweat a lot, travelled a lot and once I even cooked with my makeup on at my friend’s house and she was shocked to see that my face was still fresh! I am completely in love with it!! Even after I remove my makeup, my skin stays super smooth and supple!

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This mist does help in controlling the oil secretion of my face. Generally, when I apply makeup – my t-zone tends to get oilywithin 2-3 hours, but when I spray Vichy Thermal Spa Water on my face, it tends to get oily only after 12 hours or so! Isn’t it amazing??

Here are various other uses of the product:

The spray is also great for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin and the ways we can use is:

– We can use it before moisturising

– After makeup (it helps to make makeup stay for longer)

– Apply during day to keep the skin hydrated

To be used for General:         

–        Soothes (anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant) and strengthens the skin (protects skin tissue against ageing)

–        Stimulates cell renewal

–        Improve skin natural defence

–        Removes cleanser or soap residue

–        Tones, softens and smoothes the skin

–        Sets make-up, removes excess oil during day

–        Improves skincare efficacy

The best part is that, it is fragrance free. It gives a cooling sensation, whenever I spray it on my face and neck. It doesn’t sting eyes at all. My face became more hydrated and radiant – when I included it in my daily skin care regime!! It gives a dewy effect to my face whenever I spray it after I am done with my makeup! I absolutely love this product!!!

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However, we all know that there are two sides of a coin i.e when there are advantages to a product, there are disadvantages too. The main disadvantage of this product is the price – it is too pricey!! I would really appreciate if there was any reduction in price! But apart from this con, I love this mist a looooooooooooooooooot!!! I will keep repurchasing it till I find a better product than this!

Pros of the Product:

  1. Convenient, hygienic packaging.
  2. Contains essential 15 minerals, which are very good for your skin.
  3. Your skin gets smoother and more radiant day by day (on regular usage).
  4. It fights effectively against the secretion of oil and helps in keeping your makeup fresh for more than 12 hours.
  5. It lets yur makeup survive against all odds! And still your face is fresh and glowy!
  6. It gives that dewy finish to your face.
  7. It is fragrance free.
  8. It doesn’t sting or burn, instead it calms and soothes your skin.
  9. It soothes down irritated, allergic, dry, itchy skin and the sunburn too.
  10. It hydrates skin very well.
  11. It is a multi-purpose product.
  12. It is suitable for all types of skin, especially sensitive skin.


Cons of the Product:

  1. The major con of the product is the price! I wish it was a bit low.

Final Verdict: Vichy Thermal Spa Water is one of the best facial mists that I ever came across! It controls the oil secretion very well, lets your makeup stay fresh for more than 12 hours!!! it is a miraculous product which has many other beneficial factors!! It is a must have product for everyone!! I’d recommend it to everyone!!

Rating: 5/5


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