Indian Makeup And Beauty Blog – Review

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Today I am going to give a special review of a Blog..its none other than Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog!!

The address of this beauty blog is

indian makeup and beauty blog

Well, Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog started on 25th November, 2009 by owner and cofounder Rati Tehri Singh. By then it mainly focused on Product reviews, though there were few articles related to “whats new? in respect to makeup related products” and a few beauty tips here and there. I was with IMBB right from its scratch – since then I had observed it and now it has emerged as a Giant Elephant with about 2 million+ visitors, 42,424+ email subscribers and 7,19,541 facebook followers!! It mainly consists of 96% female visitors ranging from 18-34 years old. The strategy behind this tremendous success is simple: they gave importance to their writers and gave them the required credits. I will explain you what it is all about – IMBB pays independent authors for posting an article in their blog. It depends on two types mainly; either a review on a product, beauty related article (200/- per post) or outfit posts (300/- per post), good earning opportunity for freshers, isn’t it??. Any latest product that comes to market is reviewed in their blog – though not as professional as Rati used to review but still you can get a brief idea about the product.

Before, the buyers used to physically check the latest product in the market before buying, used to enquire about it to the seller or/and consider the opinions of friends and then finally used to purchase. With the advent of e-commerce i.e. online shopping, the same traditional way of enquiry was getting difficult. Then Rati stepped in, started reviewing the products online through her blog i.e. IMBB. She used to review the products on her – be it lipstick, lip gloss, foundation, or anything related to makeup and skin care; she reviewed it all. I, myself went through a lot of articles from her website and then used to buy. The best part of IMBB is that it has grown into a community which has a lot of members who will compliment/correct you on your post, get inspired from your posts, recommend you, clarify your doubts and lot more!!! It feels like a virtual family over there. Even a new comer can easily navigate through the pages, search the required content as the hyperlinks are also super active and directly lead you to your required information. Well, the website layout is simple and light, browsing through pages is as smooth as butter; it doesn’t take much time to load, no messy hoardings, no complicated designs, nothing! It is a combination of pink and white, which is quite cute and alluring to the eyes. You can easily get to the content with the help of the widgets – namely the category widget, it has the names of the brands under which the posts are tagged. You can select and then the page appears with articles under the brand – you can go through and select the required article. The best method is to search it in Google, Bing, Yahoo or any search engine – the crawlers would lead you to the exact link of the product which is reviewed in their Blog. You can actually subscribe to IMBB so that you can get updated about the latest products which are available in the market, latest trends in apparels, Do It Yourself techniques, home-made remedies to skin concerns, answers to questions which are asked by community members and lots more!!!

makeup nd beauty

If you are a writer looking for opportunities for paid reviews or simply a platform to begin your career in blogging, then IMBB is a welcome home for everyone!! It’s a win-win situation for both the parties; the bloggers get an amazing platform as well as get paid for their articles and the website benefits from various articles, especially the review of the latest products to which a lot of traffic is assured! It is not just a platform for writers, but also for the advertisers; they have two types of advertisers: paid ones and free advertisers. For paid ones they offer banners, sponsored posts/videos, event promotion, product endorsements, etc and for free advertisers, they have a page named “Classifieds” where they can advertise for free! Since a lot of assured traffic keeps on flowing, you can get a lot of attention to your ads.

indian makeup and beautyy

The only con that I observed is that, when the products are reviewed here by amateur writers, they lack the professional perfection in it. The way Rati reviews is way beyond comparison with the naïve writers and the pictures taken are not so clear; sometimes blurred and hazy. The writers of those articles do apologise for those pictures, but from professional point of view something should be done – as most of the time the color, texture and the ease of blend becomes essential for the reader to know before buying the product.

Excluding this, IMBB is booming and blooming everyday!!!

You can contact IMBB at:


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