Faux Pas – Blog Review

Hello Everyone!!

Today I am going to review a Fashion Blog named “Faux Pas”.

The address to this fashion blog is fashion.makeupandbeauty.com


“Faux Pas” started on 29th January,2012 by Rati Tehri Singh who is the owner and cofounder of this blog as well as Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog, you can read the review of IMBB HERE. IMBB is about product reviews, homemade beauty masks, tips and lots more! Whereas “Faux Pas” is a whole new genre!! It talks about latest trends in fashion, what to wear, what not to wear, how to accessorize yourself, how to pair up your clothes from your wardrobe, trendy shoes and all.


Well, I personally felt that “Faux Pas” is closer to Rati’s heart as here, she had shared a lot of her personal photos, moody blog posts, random posts; in short, it is a sneak peek into her life!! If you go through this blog carefully – you’d notice that you had come across Rati!! Really!!! It is this close to her. The website accessibility is not at all a problem, even for newcomers. You can navigate through the pages, else you can check on “Recent Posts” widget to get hold of the recent posts, else you can also select/browse through her “Categories” widget. Website navigation is very smooth and the pages load quickly – you needn’t wait up for the images to load as they load swiftly alongwith the rest of the contents. The “Look Book” page provides you with various looks of Rati in different outfits, accessories and locations. You can briefly go through the “Look Book” to check in, instead of browsing through pages.


Trust me, the images are of superior quality, clear and focussed images. Since, the images are very important – Rati took care of it and since its all “her website”, the posts are professional alongwith the images; which I appreciate it a lot! She has the gist in writing, she writes very normal/routine related posts but she writes it in a way that it keeps you glued to her post – until unless you read the whole blog post you won’t feel like browsing through other page!


She has a very good taste in fashion as all her accessories & apparels are up to date with an oomph factor in it! If you don’t believe me, then go through her website and just have a look at it, you’d surely agree with my statement. In all her fashion trend posts, the pictures of her accessories and apparels are highlighted. The images are quite alluring because of the clarity of image and distinct taste in fashion sensitivity. She likes to keep the content subtle, short and yet beguiling – this is what I liked the most; the gist of the post is there. She also names the brands of her accessories and apparels that she wore in that particular post.

One of the most distinguishing quality of the “Fashion Trend Posts” is the location of shooting of pictures! Unlike other fashion bloggers who click their photos anywhere, literally anywhere – like on terrace, near some abandoned bogg or near moss filled walls (which they later make it up with photoshop but duh! We can still notice it!!), very few fashion bloggers are seen with good locations of shoot! The locations of Rati’s photo shoots are unique and quite captivating. Here, she strictly focusses on apparels, accessories and makeup. One small suggestion is the mentioning of price alongwith the names of brands of the apparels would have been very helpful!

Here also you’d find the family members of IMBB chatting and having loads of fun! You can also search the posts through search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc but not as sure shot as  IMBB Product reviews because it is very rare that you’d remember the title and the tag under which Rati had posted, it is better to subscribe “Faux Pas”, sit back and relax as all the mails would be coming to you and you can stay updated with the Hottest Trends in the market!!


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