Add shine to your holiday with Iraya’s go-to travel hamper

Iraya Travel Set

 With the holiday months approaching, jet off in style with the exclusive travel pack from Iraya to look after you from tip-to-toe, on the go. Holidays are your time to rejuvenate and let your hair down. A perfect travel set provides you the much needed pampering while holidaying, refreshes your skin and soothes your senses, wherever you go.

Rediscover you love of travel with Iraya’s naturally fresh travel companion, offering a complete skincare solution. With some of the bestselling hydrating and exotic blends for bath, body, hair and face, the Iraya travel kit is designed to liven up your journeys. Revitalize your skin with Stimulating Orange Scrubbing Shower Gel, Honey & Liquorice Face Lotion, and Algae Serum Body Lotion. Perfect for him or for her, just pop the versatile hamper in your bag, and feel fresh from train to plane.

 Basil & Mint Face Wash

Iraya Basil & Mint Balancing Face Wash   150 ml   Rs.345

Purifies & balances gently, removing excess sebum & impurities. For normal to oily skin • basil, mint & molucca beans

 Honey & Liquorice

Iraya Honey & Liquorice Face Lotion   150 ml   Rs.395

Nourishes,protects the skin, leaving the skin soft, smooth & radiant. For all skin types • honey, liquorice, sesame & priyangu 

 Stimulating Orange Scrubbing Shower Gel

Iraya Stimulating Orange Scrubbing Shower Gel   250 ml  Rs.395

Exfoliates & cleanses gently, leaving smooth feeling. For all skin types • orange extract, arjuna bark, walnut shell, orange peel

 Algae Serum Body Lotion

Iraya Algae Serum Body Lotion   250 ml  Rs.495

Restores and replenishes micronutrients & moisture to skin. For all skin types • spirulina, green algae, aloevera

 Black Tea & Lime Shampoo lo res

Iraya Black Tea & Lime Shampoo   150 ml  Rs.345

Gives volume & bounce to hair. Removes toxins, adds gloss & lustre. For normal to oily hair • wild lime, black tea, olive oil, green tea

Himalayan Floral Body Mist

Iraya Himalayan Floral Body Mist  250 ml  Rs. 395

Soothes the skin and helps it retain its natural form and elasticity. For all skin types • indian rose, himalayan cedarwood, sandalwood


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