Reveal your gorgeous summer skin with Fresh Face Masks from Iraya – PR

Give yourself the gift of radiant and youthful skin with Fresh Face Masks from Iraya this summers. Sweep away the dull and tired skin as Iraya’s Fresh Masks are made from finest natural sources including freshest flowers, freshest fruits and vegetables all mixed with absorbent clays for deep cleansing, toning and to rejuvenate the skin.

Fresh mask Counter 2.

Reveal your brighter and smoother complexion as Iraya’s fresh mask soothes, cleanses & allows your skin to breathe with hydrated feel. These perfectly blended fresh masks incorporate unique textures and colors, that need to be refrigerated and has expiry date of 2 weeks.

Papaya mask (2)

Iraya Papaya Face Masque  100 gm  Rs.250

Unclog pores and speeds up natural skin renewal leaving skin fresh and younger looking. For All Skin Types.

Fresh face mask Cocoa & milk

Iraya Cocoa & Milk  Face Masque   100 gm  Rs.225

Gently revives tired/ weather-beaten skin by improving the pallor & tone.Nourishes skin & recharges circulation.  For all skin types • cocoa bean, milk, hazelnut, vanilla.

Orange & walnut Purifying Face Mask

Iraya Orange and Walnut Face Masque   100 gm  Rs.225

Draws out toxins and purifies skin while retaining it’s natural moisture balance. For normal to oily skin • orange extract, walnut, lime juice, fullers earth

Wildflower of the mountain Reviving Face Mask.

Iraya Wildflower of the Mountain Masque  100 gm  Rs.225

Refreshes & tones the skin to bring out a healthy glow. For dry to normal skin • basil, ketaki flower, lotus seed, tuberose, lavender

Ginseng & Green Tea Face Mask.

Iraya Ginseng and Green Tea Face Masque  100 gm   Rs.450

Treats the oily & problem skin & fights impurities,help in improving the skin condition (scars, breakouts, minor marks) & make the skin supple. For Oily & problematic skin :Turmeric Extract, Ginseng, jojoba & wheat germ oil.

 Iraya Mint & Tea Tree Face Masque   100 gm  Rs. 450

Helps heal scars, breakouts, minor marks & make skin supple,provide essential moisture and nourishment,also give an unblemished, even tone to skin. For oily & problematic skin:white mohari, Indian barberry & turmeric,Jojoba, Oats,wheat germ oil.


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