This Winter gift yourself the joy of radiant skin with Iraya

It’s the season to be jolly again. Winters are here, and so are the festivities. Enjoy the season with Iraya’s nourishing skincare offerings, before the weather decides to play havoc with your skin. Get your best, most hydrated complexion ever with just the right products from Iraya that lock the moisture inside.

Gift yourself or your dear ones Iraya’s feel-good skin pick-me-ups packed to enhance your radiance all winter long.  Dip in Almond Nutrifying Skin Food for restoring firmness and radiance to your skin. An intensive and creamy Vanilla & Whole Milk Body Butter enriches your skin’s elasticity, softens and prevents dryness. The Nutrifying Facial oil is a precious secret for a silky soft skin that absorbs readily. The super-rich Vanilla and Whole Milk Shower Milk is enriched with nutritive properties, and it moisturizes as it cleanses.

So hurry, get your hands on winter’s most sought after treats from Iraya!

Almond Nutrifying Skin Food

Almond Nutrifying Skin Food   50 gm  Rs.495

Protein-rich nourishment for restoring firmness & radiance.

For normal to dry skin • almond, manjishta, ,sandalwood,aloe,sesame

Nutrifying Facial Oil

Nutrifying Facial Oil  10 ml  Rs.995

A powerful blend of concentrated herbal extracts, nourishes the skin making

it radiant and soft.

For all skin types • turmeric, nutgrass, mimosa, sarsaparilla, sesame

Vanilla & Whole Milk Body Butter 2

Vanilla & Whole Milk Body Butter  200 gm   Rs.795

Enriches and increases skin elasticity. Makes the skin soft, smooth and silky.

Vannila & whole Milk Shower Milk

Vanilla & Whole Milk Shower Milk   250 ml   Rs.395

Hydrating, deep cleansing & enriched with nutritive properties.

For dry to normal skin • cow’s milk, goat milk, oils of olive & hazelnut

Available at:

Available at Oxford Bookstore, Religare,,,,,, and various retail locations across India.


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