Rejuvenate yourself with Pampering Massage Oils from Iraya

Now that winter is here again, treat yourself to invigorating body massages in the comfort of your home. These oh-so-heavenly massages not only nourish and hydrate your body but also boost your immune system. Oil up with the all natural and healing Light Massage Oils from Iraya, to add that luminous glow to your skin.

Make your massages something special by choosing from a range of light massage oils from Iraya such as the Enchanting Night Jasmine Light Massage Oil, Invigorating Lemongrass Light Massage Oil, and Energising Bitter Orange & Cinnamon Light Massage Oil. The blend of Ayurvedic herbs in these oils will improve skin texture and elasticity, and blood circulation, besides soothing your body and mind.

Bitter Orange & Cinnamon LMO 

Energising Light Massage Oil- Bitter Orange & Cinnamon   150 ml   Rs.595

Lavender & Rosemary LMO

Comforting Light Massage Oil – Lavender & Rosemary   150 ml   Rs.495

Night Jasmin  LMO

Enchanting Light Massage Oil- Night Jasmine (Parijat)   150 ml   Rs.595

Lemongarss LMO

Invigorating Light Massage Oil- Lemongrass   150 ml   Rs.595

Peppermint & Basil LMO

Revitalising Light Massage Oil- Peppermint & Basil   150 ml   Rs.495

Hazelnut Vannila LMO

Hazelnut & Vanilla – Light Massage Oil   150 ml   Rs.595

Available at:

Available at Oxford Bookstore, Religare,,,,,, and various retail locations across India.

About Iraya

The Iraya brand of beauty and wellness products was launched in 2006 by Sadatan Pure Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd. Sadatan has been manufacturing and exporting beauty and wellness products for over 20 years in highly evolved beauty markets like France, Italy, Russia and the US. Founded by Rahul Kale, Iraya is the culmination of ancient Indian knowledge and advanced international expertise- perfect synergies for the modern day consumer. At present, IRAYA has become the favorite beauty and wellness brand for leading Hotel and Spas groups in India and international markets. IRAYA Spa products are popular for administering therapies in the Spa and also for retail through exclusive and well-known Spas across the world.

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2 thoughts on “Rejuvenate yourself with Pampering Massage Oils from Iraya

  1. According to additional reports on this product, those with natural
    variances in skin tone can benefit from this as well.
    Increase the exposure gradually, avoiding direct sunlight
    in afternoon sun. For the budget conscious this is great because it takes less product
    than usual to wash your hair making a little go along way.

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