The Diva Bloggers Glow with the Glo

Glo is the revolutionary mobile app platform designed to simplify the way you find and book make-up and hairstyle solutions. Taking the concept of self-book appointments to a new level, Glo recently joined hands with Styleogram, a popular fashion and beauty platform, for the Diva Blogger photoshoot.

To give their readers a sneak preview of the fashion world and their favorite celebrity bloggers, Styleogram created a platform and invited social media celebrities at DLF Promannde to be a part of the Diva Blogger photoshoot.

image 1image 2

Glo was the Hair & Beauty partner for the looks created for each blogger. The expert beauty team from Glo did the hair and make up for eminent fashion bloggers like  Mehak Ghai, Ankita Mehra Arora and Disha Batra. Each of them selected one look from the mobile app and it was flawlessly executed by the team adding all the more glitz & glamour to each diva, giving them the exact desired look.

image 3

About Glo:

GLO is a unique mobile application that helps customer book same-day make-up and hair styling services. Taking the concept of self-book appointments to a new level, GLO is a one-of-its-kind app in India that comes with a promise to give you a world-class experience by your desired professionals in the comfort of your homes. With women being hard-pressed for time almost always, GLO sounds like an app made in heaven. It’s time to bid adieu to grooming woes and all that fuss.

Compatible with all mobile platforms, GLO is an easy-to-browse service that offers a menu rich with images of latest hair and make-up trends. It functions in a very user-friendly format, by allowing customers to browse through an array of 18 different looks. As soon as you decide upon a look, you can simply book an appointment and avail the service at the location of your choice. GLO has 25 women stylists on the panel. The stylist will arrive at your preferred time to give you a salon-like look at incredible price points.

With a tap of finger, GLO not only reduces the stressof booking salon appointments, but also helps yousave a lot of time that you otherwise would spend traveling to a physical salon. Ofcourse, there are also no nasty surprises at the end as what you see is what you get. What’s more? Soon, you would be able to keep a record of your transaction history and get constant alerts about new packages, special deals and loyalty points.

Indeed, it’s time to bid adieu to your make-up woes, and get ready to Get, Set and Glo.


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