Holi Skincare tips by GLO


You definitely don’t wanna wear a mask like this and play Holi right?

Festival is around the corner and we all are preparing good food, snacks and all for the colorful and blissful Holi. We take minute steps for perfect preparations so that we can serve the best delicacies for the festival. In this hustle-bustle, we tend to forget that even we have to do few preparations for ourselves so that we look beautiful and nice for the celebration.

So here GLO shared few quick and easy steps that can be followed for that perfect look for the festival-

 Do apply sunscreen on your face and body before stepping out.

 It is always advised to wear sunglasses to avoid color to enter the eyes as it might cause cancer

or temporary blindness.

 Apply coconut oil or olive oil on your whole body and hair. Make sure you use a generous

amount on the hair.

 It is advisable to pre paint your nails with a dark color nail polish so that the color doesnt reach

the nail bed easily.

 Use only natural colors and not dye colors which might have metals, acids, mica, glass powder

and other harmful chemicals and alkalies

 Soak or stand under running water for at-least 10-15 mins to clean yourself

 Moisturise your body well post shower and follow the same skin and hair care regime at least

for a week post holi

 Make sure you are gentle with your skin while taking shower and not scrub the skin too harshly.

 Use a homemade pack of milk and honey with lemon or milk and besan with sandalwood paste

before using the shower gel

 For face, you can use a gentle oil based cleanser or honey with lemon and sandalwood.

 For hair, one can even go for a relaxing head oil massage or a hair spa

Website: http://www.getsetglo.com
App name: GLo, Facebook Page: Glofashionistas
Twitter Handle: @glofashionistas

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