LuxaDerme Bio Cellulose Skin Brightening Mask

Hello Everyone!

Today I am going to review a luxurious experience with LuxeDerme Bio Cellulose Skin Brightening Mask. Aha! It’s true! It is an amazing feeling of pampering your skin to achieve realistic results of brightening your face. You have numerous occasions where you need to look bright and fresh, isn’t it? We try to achieve it through foundation/highlighter/makeup tricks but imagine actually getting an inner glow like that from your skin without actually putting much efforts!



So here we have our Skin Hero LuxaDerme Bio Cellulose Mask – Skin Brightening for bringing that inner glow on your skin.

Price: 600/-  INR for 1 mask

Company Claims: LuxaDerme’s Bio Cellulose Skin Brightening Facial Treatment Sheet Mask is an incredible innovation in the field of skin care giving an instant dose of radiance and glow for a healthy looking complexion. Infused with a custom blend of professional grade brightening ingredients like Niacinamide, Arbutin, Ascorbic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid along with potent botanical extracts and antioxidants it helps moisturize and brighten the damaged areas of the skin, caused by hyper-pigmentation and photoaging, giving an even-toned glow. This disposable sheet mask is easy to use, effective, hygienic, non-messy & non-sticky that helps improve skin texture and revives the dull and tired looking skin. The intense formula rejuvenates, nourishes and revives the skin in less than 30 minutes. Its excellent adhesion maximizes the absorption of active ingredients that helps replenish dehydrated skin, leaving it smooth and supple. Also, helps improve dark circles, dullness, dark spots and uneven skin tone. With our masks- pamper yourself, anywhere you want, anytime you want!


My Experience: LuxaDerme Bio Cellulose Mask is made out of fermented coconut jelly which is 100% natural. It comes in a thin, durable foil packets and are totally travel friendly. It is infused with premium ingredients and is not tested on Animals! Isnt it great? It is a pre-cut mask which you can use it directly on your face. It comes with 2 layers over the mask, you have to remove those net layers before applying it on face, also just to ensure that the ingredients are mixed well throughout you can lightly massage the sachet from the outside.


After reading the ingredients and checking out the celebrities trying it, I was too excited to try it on myself! So to try it on my face, I lightly massaged the sachet over the foil and then cut it open. I found the mask came with 2 layers – covering both the sides of the mask. I gently removed it and applied on my face (after cleansing my face thoroughly). It looked like this..

Excuse me for the messed up look! 😛

I allowed it to stay on my face for about 30 minutes, I was impressed the way it helped soak up the nutrients onto my skin! I really loved the way it go absorbed on my skin, pampering my skin. After 30 minutes, I removed the mask and was astonished at the results it imparted to my face! It made my skin glow glow glow! Oh Yeah! It really did! I never had an instant glow like this before! You can see it for yourself, I didn’t edit my pic..its the glow my face got after I removed the mask!

Excuse me for the messed up look! 😛

Overall, I found the product amazing! You have to use it twice a week to see great results. However, cons I can think of are the price and the after effect (after 4 hours) – my face got oily as I have combination skin, I had to literally dab on compact and tissue to get rid of that oil on my face! Apart from that it really did a great job in giving an instant and amazing glow to my face!

You must definitely try if you want to flaunt an amazing glow on your face!

Pros of the Product:

  1. It is made up of coconut jelly, which is 100% natural
  2. It is not tested on animals
  3. It is non-comedogenic and pHbalanced
  4. It actually imparts a great glow to your face
  5. It helps absorb essential nutrients to your skin
  6. It is completely travel friendly, you can apply it anytime/anywhere

Cons of the Product:

  1. It is pricey!!
  2. It made my face oily after 4-5 hours of applying it

Final Verdict: LuxaDerme Bio Cellulose Mask is one of its kind which actually imparts an instant, healthy glow to your face! Say bye bye to Salons if you have this by your side!

Ratings: 4.5/5 (-0.5 for the price :P)

As a special “Monsoon Offer” LuxaDerme’s Bio Cellulose Masks are available at Rs. 450 on Amazon and Flipkart Hurry!


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